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Sharon Housley

I am a South Shore native, having grown up in Hanover and currently residing in Norwell, close to my family, including my granddaughter. 

My yoga journey began at The Yoga Room in Norwell, and for the first time, I was able to truly settle my mind from all the stress, chaos, and tasks I needed to accomplish. The way yoga made me feel was unlike any other activity and it led me down a path to teaching.

Through a regular practice I found an inner peace, that I had not previously experienced. I found many of the aches and pains that I thought were part of the aging process, go away as my practice grew. During my teacher training, I completed 200 Hours of Orthopedic Yoga with an emphasis on anatomy. 

I love learning, it is intrinsic to who I am, and I didn't just want to know more about yoga, I needed to learn more. I experimented with different styles of yoga, and found Vinyasa Yoga resonated with me. My body craved the movement and flow, to settle my mind. As my practice evolved I continued my training and experimented with a variety of disciplines. In September of 2023 I completed Balancepoint Barre Teacher training. 

My classes are always unique and different.  I love creative sequencing and incorporating a variety of elements into my classes. Being outside in nature is one of the biggest parts of life for me, I encourage everyone to take their yoga off the mat!  

Levels Taught: All, Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced
Styles: Alignment, Athletes, Chair, Core Strength, Flow, Gentle, Hatha, Power, Senior, Therapeutic, Vinyasa 

Take Yoga Off Your Mat!

Sharon Housley  - RYT-200, Barre Teacher

Orthopedic Yoga Teacher - 200 RYT Yoga Teacher

Orthopedic Yoga Therapy Teacher - 200 RYT Yoga Teacher - Trained under Michelle Fleming formerly of Sanctuary Yoga Studio in Plymouth, MA in Orthopedic Yoga Therapy, with a focus on Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga using proper alignment to protect your body and joints. In September of 2023 I completed Balancepoint Barre Teacher Training.