Healing Heart Yogi

Specialty Yoga Classes & Workshops

While not necessarily part of the regular weekly class offerings, on occasion I may offer a specialty class with a specific focus or purpose. A sampling of specialty classes are below. Almost all specialty classes can be shaped into private classes or workshops or for a group or small group event.

Have a specific area that needs a little extra love or attention?  Simply interested in trying something new? Want to host an event or Bachelorette Party with yoga to start the special day? Contact me for pricing and to further discuss your needs.

Specialty Yoga


Glow in the Dark Yoga! Yoga under blacklights.

Restorative Yoga

Restore and rejuvenate your muscles and mind with a gentle and restorative flow class or workshop.

Chair Yoga

Are you tied to a desk? Or perhaps a bit unsteady, consider a chair yoga class, where you use a chair as a prop to assist your practice.

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga, is a fancy way of saying a flowing yoga where one pose transitions easily into the next. The flowing movement often settles the mind. 

Seasonal Yoga / Yoga in Nature

Full Moon Yoga

Consider an evening yoga flow with full moon yoga. Practice Moon Salutations under a full moon! 

Sunrise Yoga 

What better.way to start the day than a yoga flow? Enjoy the sunrise as you begin your day with a flowing practice.

Sunset Yoga

What better way to end teh day than with a yoga flow? Say goodbye to the day with a sunset yoga flow.

Creative Yoga Sequencing

Interested in mixing things up? Traditional flows can be predictable, a creative sequencing class will introduce some different and creative transitions and flows.

Summer Solstice Yoga

Welcome summer and the longest day of the year with a series of sun salutations! Fill your flow and class with variations of sun salutations. 

Winter Solstice Yoga 

Welcome winter and the shortest day of the year. What better.way to welcome winter than with a yoga flow? 

Beach Yoga

Take yoga off your mat! A beach flow is a must for yogis to try at least once. Let the waves soothe your slow as you flow through your practice. 

Yoga in the Park

Taking your practice off your mat and into nature is a wonderful experience. Immerse yourself in nature as your flow through a class.

Therapeutic Yoga

Does a specific part of your body require a little extra attention or love? Yoga can be used therapeutically to improve specific conditions and help alleviate some discomfort.

Yoga for Plantar Fascitis

Do you struggle with plantar fascitis? A therapeutic yoga class with specific poses can help.

Yoga for Kyphosis 

Western culture and society have created a kyphotic posture in many people (rounded upper back/shoulders). A therapeutic yoga class with specific poses can help. 

Brain Yoga Excercises

Contralateral movements can help build neuro-pathways, and are said to assist in stroke recovery or delay degenerative brain diseases like dimensia. A therapeutic yoga class with specific poses may help.

Yoga Neck Stretches

Is your neck causing you discomfort?  A therapeutic yoga class with specific poses may help with alignment and in alleviating neck pain.

Yoga for Upper Body Strength

Yoga is often not thought of to build muscle, but shifting body weight as you move through a flow can lengthen and strengthen muscles.  Consider a class designed to build your upper body strength.

Yoga for Chest Openers

Heart and chest openers can help improve posture and can have the added benefit of lifting your spirits. Consider a class filled with chest openers. 

Yoga for Abs

A strong core is important to a safe yoga practice. Learn how to engage your core, and while your at it work those abs. Consider a class designed to engage your core and strengthen your abdominal muscles.  

Yoga for Lower Body

Our lower body is often neglected yet we expect it to do so much. Consider a flow designed specifically for stretching and strengthening the lower half of your body. 

Yoga for Athletes

Athletes often use specific parts of their body more than others. Yoga can often help create a balance with in the body. The needs of a runner usually differ from the needs of a snowboarder. Try a yoga class designed specifically for your favorite sport. 

Yoga for Runners

Oh those hamstrings and hips! Runners needs differ from that of other athletes. Consider a flow designed specifically for runners. 

Yoga for Golfers

Golfers may be able to improve their scores by finding a regular yoga practice. Consider a flow filled with twists designed specifically for golfers. 

Yoga for Snowboarders

Snowboarding is seasonal, yoga can help snowboarders keep their bodies primed for the slopes. Consider a flow designed specifically for snowboarders.

Yoga for Hikers

Yoga can help alleviate discomfort from a long hike or can help condition a hiker. Consider a flow designed specifically for snowboarders.